The Clear Climate Code project writes and maintains software for climate science, with an emphasis on clarity and correctness.

The results of some climate-related software are used as the basis for important public policy decisions. If the software is not clearly correct, decision-making will be obscured by debates about it. The project goals are to clear away that obscurity, to increase the clarity and correctness of climate science software.

We are starting with GISTEMP: the best-known climate science answer to the question “How quickly is the world warming up?”

The Clear Climate Code project is carried out by various contributors.  It was started by Ravenbrook Limited and its staff, after its co-founder Nick Barnes had the original project idea in 2007. Nobody has commissioned this work from us, or paid us for it. All the code and documentation written as part of the project is available at no charge under an open source license.

If you’d like to help (see the Contribute page), join the discussion e-mail list, and tell us who you are and what you think you can contribute.

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