ccc-gistemp release 0.5.1

I am pleased to announce ccc-gistemp 0.5.1 (the astute reader will note that there is no announcement for release 0.5.0. It is available but does not work in Python 2.5.1 so I fixed that for release 0.5.1).

Compared to the previous release, the changes are not so grand. This release incorporates many incremental improvements to clarity. It also has a couple of bug fixes: to cope with the fact that the GISTEMP source tarfile that we used changed its layout (see this comment here for example); and to once again run on Python 2.4 (a thoroughly ancient version, please try and use Python 2.6).

I have spent a large amount of time trying to clarify Step 2 the peri-urban adjustment described in Hansen et al 1999. I encourage you to try out this release, read the code, and help us improve it.

David Jones, Nick Barnes, and Ronan Lamy have contributed to this release.

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