GISTEMP 2009 anomaly

GISS haven’t published a 2009 anomaly yet (as of writing, 2010-01-11T14:30Z), but new GHCN records were made available on 2010-01-07. I’ve just made a fresh run of our ccc-gistemp code with all fresh inputs to produce this graph:
global historical temperature anomaly

Because I’m using fully up to date inputs, this run of ccc-gistemp produces an anomaly for 2009. That red tick at the end is the extra year, 2009, that we produce.

I predict that when GISTEMP publish their 2009 anomaly, it will be +0.58 K.

[minor edits: screwed up year in opening paragraph, and colour of labels in graph]

3 Responses to “GISTEMP 2009 anomaly”

  1. Rattus Norvegicus Says:

    With all the data in it came in at +.57.

  2. drj Says:

    @Rattus: I see that too, thanks. I am slightly mystified by the 0.01 difference, but it’s typical of the sort of differences we see due to rounding.

  3. drj Says:

    Turns out to be because I forgot to get fresh ocean data. Oops. Now we’re spot on.

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