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GISTEMP Urban Adjustment

After some recent tweaks by me to the ccc-gistemp sources it is now possible to run a pipeline of the GISTEMP process with some of the steps omitted. An earlier post shows how I can omit Step 4 to create a land-only index. My recent changes allow Step 2 to be omitted. Step 2 is the urban adjustment step (in which stations marked as urban have their trend adjusted).

Omitting Step 2 will therefore give us an idea of the magnitude of the effect of the urban adjustment. It so happens that my writing this blog post overlaps with Nick Barnes implementing GISTEMP’s new scheme for identifying urban stations (corresponding to GISTEMP’s update of 2010-01-16). That gives me an opportunity to show both the new and old adjustment schemes against a “no adjustment” baseline:

In making this graph Step 4 has been omitted, giving us a land index. This is primarily to amplify the differences: land covers the lesser fraction of the Earth; so including the ocean data (which does not require an urban adjustment) makes the difference smaller.

And for each hemisphere:



To make a “no urban adjustment” run of ccc-gistemp: «python tool/ -s 0,1,3,5»; and to make an “urban adjustment” land-index: «python tool/ -s 0,1,2,3,5».